COVID-19 Update

COVID-19 Community Update

Tuesday 7 September 2021

Te ahiahi ki o tatou Whanau o Matangi – Evening to our Matangi Families,

From midnight tonight (Tuesday 7th September) we will be moving to Delta Alert Level 2. Schools will be open for all students on Thursday 9th September. We are really looking forward to welcoming everyone back onsite and will be busy tomorrow getting organised for this special occasion.

At Delta Alert Level 2 there is lower risk of community transmission and it provides us with a lot more opportunities to engage and connect with others. However, there are still a number of public health requirements we all need to follow. Please do continue to monitor your health and do not send your children to school if they are not well (and please seek advice about getting a COVID test).

For us, all the required safety precautions for Delta Alert Level 2 will be in place, which include following all the recommendations from the public health experts. This means we will regularly clean and disinfect high-touch surfaces, encourage everyone to frequently wash their hands, and cough and sneeze into their elbow.

While physical distancing is not a requirement in schools, we will be doing our best to keep students from congregating in very large numbers and keeping spaces well-ventilated.

Face masks are not required to be worn in school. The Director General of Health has recommended that children 12 years+ wear a face covering at school – just as older children are required to wear face coverings in some other places. The decision to wear a face covering is entirely up to you and your whānau, whatever your decision it will be respected. We ask that you provide your child with a mask, if you are wanting your child to wear one at school.

Under Delta Alert Level 2, we ask parents not to come onto the school site. We will be sending out more information in regards to this tomorrow. This information will also include our Tui House requirements for both our BSC (Before School Care) and ASC (After School Care) services.

If for some reason you find it necessary to come onto the school site, you will need to scan the QR code on either one of our school gates. If you need to visit a classroom, you will need to come to the Front Office, sign the register, and scan the QR code before making your way to the classroom. You will also be required to sign this register as you leave, via the Front Office.


Please discuss with your child/ren about the designated Gate (Front Gate or Reserve Gate) your family is selecting so that your child/ren know where to meet you EVERYDAY. They need to tell their teacher. 

Teachers will walk the students out to their designated Gate each afternoon at 2:50 pm.

Please drop your child/ren off at the Gates around the school in the morning. They will need to walk to their classrooms themselves. We have Teachers at each Gate supporting children to arrive safely.

Remind your child that there is no sharing of food or drink bottles. Send open packets to school for them if they cannot independently open their food.

Send your child/ren with a full drink bottle NAMED. Drinking fountains are closed.

Again, I want to thank you for your understanding and tolerance during this challenging time. I know that for some of you, you may find these restrictions frustrating but I can assure you that all of us will continue to do our best to make sure your child/ren feel safe so that learning can continue at school!

If you are not sure what all the rules are for alert level 2 when you are out and about, then the following information may be useful to you:

We will keep you updated about changes and cancellations to planned events in the coming days.

Ngā mihi

Helena Kirkham

(Acting Principal)