Tui Riffic

Tui Riffic

Our icon for excellence ‘Tui Riffic’ was developed by staff and students during 2012. He represents our Matangi students who strive for excellence in everything they do.

On his wings TUI Riffic carries the 4 corner stone Vision statements from the NZ Curriculum – Confident, Connected, Actively Involved and Life Long Learners.

Tui Riffic values our 5 school core values of:


Tui is celebrated at Matangi School through:

  • Weekly Principal Award.
  • We have a school Tui Riffic song which is sang at various times / events
  • Tui Riffic music video
  • School wide Tui Riffic ‘Learning Incentive’ Programme - Tui Bands

Tui Riffic Bands

Matangi has introduced a school wide ‘Learning Incentive’ programme, which encourages our students to strive for excellence throughout the year.

There are four coloured silicon wrist bands that all students have an opportunity of being presented with. Green - Sports & The Arts, Blue - Academic, Yellow - School Values, and Black - Principal Award. To be awarded a Green, Blue or Yellow band students need to be awarded 5 credits on an individual colour. One credit is given for demonstrating excellence towards individual learning or making significant learning progress. Every student that gets the ‘Principals Award’ will be presented with a Black band.

Once a band has been achieved students begin to strive towards achieving another band. Students can receive more than one band in each colour.

Each teacher collates credits on a class spreadsheet.

Each band has ‘MATANGI TUI RIFFIC STUDENT’ debossed into it.

These bands are designed to give the students constant reminders of the importance to do the best they can while learning at Matangi School.

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