Second-Hand Uniform Shop

The Fundraising Committee are currently in the process of opening a Second-Hand Uniform Shop. The shop will serve students and parents from Matangi School. The shop is run by a team of volunteer parents. All proceeds will go towards the schools current fundraising projects. The shop will be open for one day, in the first and last week of each term. We will keep you updated on the location of the shop via the school newsletter. Opening hours will be between 8:30-9:30am and 2:30-3:30pm. Please see the office if you urgently require any uniform items outside of these times.

Donating Uniforms

We are currently accepting uniform donations. If you have any clean, regulation Matangi School uniform no longer in use, you can drop these to the office. Unclaimed lost property will be recycled into the Second-Hand Uniform Shop on the last day of every term.  We will always endeavour to get property back to it’s rightful owner before adding it to the shop!

If you have any queries please talk to staff in the office or email the fundraising committee.


The Matangi Uniform:

The school uniform consists of a Matangi Polo Shirt, matching Fleece Sweater and jacket for colder times. Children must wear plain black bottoms (shorts, skirts, pants) with the school tops.  Uniform is sold at the School Office.   Eftpos is available.

Uniform Price List.pdf