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ENROLMENT will be confirmed when we have received your completed online enrolment via our Tui House link


Children will not be allowed to attend Matangi School Tui House if the Health and Safety form is not completed in full.

We need two up-to-date contacts, custody and health and safety information,  it is vital that this information is kept up to date and amended when necessary. 


You will have selected your booking session when you place your enrolment online.  You have the option of casual or permanent sessions per week, bookings DO NOT roll over each year.

Casual booking: can be made online as required at any time prior to 2pm on the day of the booking.

Late Booking:  A booking can be made after 2pm on the same day, only if you contact the Supervisor by phone.  This will allow us to have the correct adult supervision on the day.

The morning programme begins at 7:30am and children cannot be supervised before this time.  Please do not drop off children early as their personal safety cannot be assured.

If a person arrives to collect your child/ren and we have no knowledge of this person, then we are obliged (for the safety of your children) to keep the child/ren in our care until you have been contacted for consent.


When you collect your child/ren in the afternoon, the supervisor will sign your child/ren out, please make sure you make contact with our supervisor, we need to know what time your child has gone home safely in the afternoon.

We expect your child to attend the programme unless you have notified us of their absence.  This can be done by a call or text to the Supervisor on 027 810 6080. (Please note for after school care any bookings made after 2 pm,  the supervisor must be notified verbally of the late booking to allow for staffing ratios).  If we have not been notified that your child is not attending their booked session, the usual charges will apply.

Matangi School Tui House, follows the New Zealand food control Safety Plan

Breakfast: Weetbix is available (as per the weetbix in school programme)

We provide a healthy afternoon tea every day.

Fees are detailed below.The invoices are generated from the sign in/out online roll.  It is vital that you sign your child in and out so that the invoice is correct. 

Invoices are issued each fortnight and are due for payment within 14 days of invoice date. 

Fees can be paid: by cash or eftpos at the school office; or by internet payment to the bank account detailed on the back of this page. Fees are non-refundable.  Where fees are not paid you will be contacted and  a credit management process will be implemented. 

Please email or phone the school on 07 829 5735

Please see one of the Supervisors if you wish to view our policies and procedures folder. It contains detailed information on health and safety, making complaints, employment practices, etc.

We adhere to the school’s Behaviour Management Policy. We use behaviour management techniques that encourage positive self-esteem development. It is our goal to ensure that children and families experience an environment where they are safe, secure, and respected and their dignity is protected. This is done through the use of positive reinforcement and a stimulating and varied programme to ensure against boredom. Every effort will be made to settle your child into the programme. However, if your child’s behaviour is consistently harmful to the other children, you will be asked to remove your child from the centre.


Every effort will be made to include children with special needs in Matangi School Tui House Programmes. All venues and programmes are selected to enable inclusion of children and families with special needs such as learning difficulties, disabilities and developmental delays.

The programme supervisor will discuss fully with parents the child’s requirements: medication, diet and supervision requirements, which will be recorded with the child’s enrolment form.

The programme supervisor will assess how the child’s needs may be catered for and discuss this approach with parents and staff. With parental consent the programme supervisor may also contact schools and other agencies who have contact with the child for more information and advice.

The safety of the child and other children in the programme will be a major consideration. Children cannot be included in the programme if their behaviour or the level of supervision required, compromises programme supervision and the safety of the other children. The programme supervisor may offer enrolment for an initial trial period.

The programme supervisor will ensure that all staff are fully aware of the child’s requirements and that they feel confident to provide the necessary care. Each case will be considered individually and every effort will be made to include the child within the limits of the programme’s resources.

Our Supervisor and other staff members are holders of First Aid Certificates and are trained to deal with emergencies. In the case of a serious accident involving your child the staff will call 111 and contact you. In a civil emergency, the staff will remain at the centre until all children are collected.

The programme has a detailed child protection policy, which includes the reporting of any suspected child abuse to Oranga Tamariki.

The programme has a complaints procedure. If you have any problems please approach the Supervisors, Administration Office in school or our school Principal. They will be happy to assist you with your concerns.

Please do not send along sick children, as we do not have the facilities to care for them. If a child becomes ill during the centre hours, parents will be called and asked to collect them. If your child has had vomiting or diarrhea in the last 24 hours please do not send them. 

If you have any queries or concerns the Supervisor, Josie Kingham is available Mon-Fri after 2.30pm on 027 810 6080.


Tui House Fees 2024

Morning Programme


FULL session  from  7:30am –   8:30am


HALF session  from  8:00am – 8:30am


Afternoon Programme




Every ½ hour thereafter


Payments can be made via cash, eftpos at the school office or online banking.

Bank Account Details: The bank account for any and all Tui House payments is as follows

Bank: ASB                        

Account Name:  MATANGI SCHOOL 

Account Number: 12-3122-0203336-00  

Reference: Invoice Date and child/ren names (especially where different to parent surname)

Cancellation fees:

No notice – for bookings cancelled during a session or where a child does not attend, full fees apply.

Early notice – cancellations more than 24 hours in advance of the session start, no fees apply. 

Late notice- On the day cancellation after 2pm a 1 hour booking fee will apply.

Absence excused  – where children are absent due to medical conditions, or for a genuine reason, fees may be waived.  These will be considered on a case by case basis.  Please contact the Supervisor.

Late pickup:

Should your child/ren not be picked up by 5.30pm After School Care, or 5.00pm Holiday Programme a late charge will apply, of $20.00 per child.   

Families are invoiced every fortnight, and are expected to pay the total balance of their invoice within 14 days from the invoice date.  Where fees are unpaid, a credit management process will begin.

All fees paid by cash or eftpos will be receipted and payments will show on the following invoice. Fees can also be paid by cash or eftpos at the school office or by internet banking into the above account.  We regret that there are no refunds on fees.

Casual bookings are welcome by registering and booking online via enrolmy

WINZ offers a subsidy as way of assistance to parents / caregivers whose children attend an official OSCAR programme. 


For any further queries please telephone the programme supervisor or the school office.

Kind Regards

Tui House Team