Matangi School Board


Brad Ward  –   Board Chair

Joe Lane  –  Vice Chair –

Anna Tootill –

Casey Molloy –

Andrew Mowbray –

Paula Schwikkard    – Staff Trustee –

Sharyn Douglas . – Principal . –


School Governance:


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Below is an outline of the Concerns and Complaints Process, to help you get your questions answered effectively.

Concerns & complaints

Financial Statements

Ministry of Education require all schools to provide the following documents to be available on line;

  1. Annual Audited Accounts
  2. KiwiSport Statement
  3. Analysis of Variance


Matangi School – 2019 Audited Accounts (20190524)

Matangi School Analysis of Variance 2019


Matangi School Annual Report 2018

Matangi School Analysis of Variance 2018

Matangi School KiwiSport Audit 2018




Matangi School Financial Statements 2017

Matangi School Analysis of Variance 2017