Ways we communicate

At Matangi School we continue to refine our forms of communication. If you need to get a message to your child’s teacher, we ask that you contact the teacher/s of your children via email.

EMAIL – School newsletters or notices to parents are sent via this platform. These notices are normally just applicable to our parents or caregivers. If we receive an email from a parent, we will often respond to this either by replying to it via email or by calling the parent or caregiver as soon as we are able to. We prefer to follow up on emails with a phone call, this is often the most efficient and relatable way to resolve any issues or concerns.


 SEESAW – We use this platform to share your child’s learning or to provide our children with an online learning option. During Lockdown, we really value this way of engaging with our children and school community. Every now and then, a school announcement may be made via Seesaw. This is to ensure everyone (including our children) receives this message. 




FACEBOOK – Our school community is often celebrating special moments that occur in our school via this platform. During Lockdown, we use this way of communicating or by sending important announcements, as many of our families regularly use this application.



hero logoHERO – We will continue to share/launch this platform with you. It will definitely feature in our up and coming student-led conferences. Hero will be used to report your child’s learning to date. Via this Application, you will be able to let us know if your child is going to be absent from school, keep updated on notices that are being delivered in the school, link to our school website and school calendar, and have links to your school financial accounts, for stationary, and school fees. 


ENROLMY – Is used for Tui House for bookings and Invoices/Statements. Enrolmy is also used for Matangi School Trips, School Camps and School Sport Teams.  Invoices/Statements are sent from Enrolmy for these bookings. 


SCHOOL WEBSITE – Our website provides Covid alerts and notifications that are important to our school community. An A-Z can be found, referring to many aspects of our school that may be useful to you. Our Matangi School Curriculum can be found on this site, along with contact details of each staff and Board member. There are also links to our newsletters, school calendar, sports information, our last ERO Review, School Policies, and much more.