Matangi is a BOYD (bring your own device) school, students use ipads and Chromebooks.  ipads are mainly used in the junior classes for apps and Seesaw, where Year 3-6 use Chromebooks for Google Drive.  

We encourage children from Year 2 – 6 to bring their own Chromebook into school each day, fully charged.  

The following is an example of what we are currently using in classrooms.    Any ICT related questions can be sent to either your child’s teacher or directly to

This system requirements also suit our local intermediate school.                                                            

CHROMEBOOK –  Battery capacity is important to check  – A touchscreen can be an advantage but not necessary, a carry bag and headphones are essential.

                                                                                    Memory Size – 2GB – 4GB or greater

                                                                                     Screen Size:  11.6 inches or bigger.

                                                                                     Operating System:  Chrome OS   

                                                                                     Screen Resolution 1366×768. 

                                                                                         SSD Capacity 16 – 32 GB.   

                                                                                        GPU Model:  Integrated.     

We have also provided a link to help with any online safety concerns. Netsafe Netsafe provides an overview of how to keep your child safe while online.  They also have ideas on how to limit children to specific internet pages.  

  • Please note our Year 3 – 6 students have a school email address that is under the Matangi school domain. (Year 2 students will be managed by the teacher)
  •  Our school cyber safety code of conduct enables the students to access the internet.  The expectation is that they will email internally as required, but must seek teacher permission to go beyond our Matangi school addresses.  
  • Student emails link to their Google Accounts and Seesaw (Y3 – 6 only), which enables them to access Google Doc’s, hangouts, and emails.  
  • While your child is at home under your own wifi access the school does not have the ability to control the sites your child looks at.  Therefore it is important for parents to keep an eye on what the students are doing.  You can check the history on the web browser, which will show what sites have been accessed. 

Netsafe also provides ways to block sites you do not want children to access, eg UTUBE.  Also check the age rating of sites, eg Facebook has an age requirement of 13.